About MoneyLion

How Does MoneyLion Plus Work?

 MoneyLion is a mobile personal finance and lending app that helps customers get in control of their finances by providing them with tools that help them track their spending, saving, and credit usage.

Does MoneyLion build credit?

Not only does MoneyLion Plus help members build credit, it also offers members anytime access to 5.99% APR loans and $1/day cashback. All that extra money saved by improving your credit score and borrowing for less can be easily deposited into a MoneyLion Plus managed investment account.

How much does MoneyLion cost?

The Drawbacks of MoneyLion Plus. Whether MoneyLion Plus is a good option depends on your personal financial and credit situation. Each month, MoneyLion Plus withdraws $79 from your account. They then deposit $50 into an investment account that they invest for you – and the other $29 is your monthly fee. 

Are MoneyLion loans guaranteed?

There are three personal loan products for borrowers to consider: the MoneyLion loan for borrowers with fair credit or better; the BetterCash loan for borrowers with “less than stellar” credit; and MoneyLion Plus, which offers a set 5.99% APR in exchange for a monthly membership fee.

Can you cancel MoneyLion?

Yes, absolutely. If you change your mind about signing up for MoneyLion Plus, you can call us at (888) 704-6970 to cancel your membership or email [email protected] A few notes about cancelling your membership: Youcannot cancel your membership if you have an active loan with us.

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